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Aug 11, 1999 01:16 PM


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I hope someone can help me. I am looking for a place
that serves Kaiseki meal (in midtown, I think) It was
reviewed in the times and It spoke of just one chef who
prepared everything. It was not that expensive as these
things go. The place was small and I think he may have
had another person helping him. There was another
review soon after in the New York Press. I looked at
the NY times & Nytoday web sites, but just can't pick
it out of dozens of Japanese Restaurants. Does anyone
know this place?

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  1. Do you mean Sugiyama? I've never been there, but I
    know it was reviewed in the Times. It's at 251 West
    55th Street, between Broadway and 8th.

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    1. re: Susan Teitz

      Wow That was fast! I put that into the search engine at
      nytoday and sure enough the review I remembered popped
      up. Thanks so much!

      1. re: Phil Pace

        NIPPON at 155 East 52nd St. between Lex & 3rd is the
        gold standard for kaiseki ryori (set courses). Since
        1963 its private tatami rooms provide perfect ambiance
        for multi-course, lovingly prepared menu -- and
        reasonably priced for the quality. Caters exclusively
        to JAL first class passengers. Owner Nobi Kuraoka is
        an expert on Japanese cuisine and lectures widely and
        writes food columns in Japan. NIPPON owns its own farm
        in Canada providing organic buckwheat for its soba
        noodles. Bottom line: a unique Japanese restaurant,
        long established and recognized BY JAPANESE as the

        1. re: w. j. cavior

          Should there be a "PR/Information Release" discussion

          1. re: MU

            Sounds very much like a press release to me. Can spot
            this one a mile away.

    2. Sugiyama is wonderful, but certainly NOT inexpensive if
      that is your expectation. The cheapest course is around
      $40 as I recall, and it escalates from there.
      The food itself is exquisite, but I must confess some
      disappointment at the atmosphere - regular tables
      rather close together. Ideally, kaiseki (especially at
      these prices) should be enjoyed in a quiet tatami room.

      If anyone knows of kaiseki in a more traditional
      Japanese atmosphere, I'd love to know!