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Aug 11, 1999 11:42 AM

fresh pita bread in the East Village?

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Some people have recommended a few Middle Eastern
restaurants in the East Village to me, but I was
wondering if anyone knows of any good Middle Eastern
bakeries down there? I'm mainly looking for a place to
get some pita bread to chow on at home.


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  1. It's on the other side of town in the West village,
    but Moustache, on Bedford Street bakes their own pita
    and it's delicious out of the oven.

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    1. re: Pam Sommers
      Frank Language

      Moustache has an East Side branch (East 10th street
      bet. 1st and A); you might try to find out if they'll
      sell you some there.

      1. re: Frank Language
        Frank Language

        Oh, and by the way: they will sell you some. Just go
        and ask.

        1. re: Frank Language

          Thanks very much for the suggestion!

          I've been to both locations of Moustache & have
          enjoyed their pita a great deal, so I'm definitely
          glad to hear that it's available for sale too.

        2. re: Frank Language

          I had lunch here today with my wife Julie. In a word WOW! Julie opted for the Ouzi silky puff pastry filled with chicken, special herbs (they wouldn't tell me what they were) basamati rice and peas.Nice little delayed heat action going on behind the upfront flavors.GIGANTIC portion. I guess it must be tomorrows lunch. I had a bowl of Lentil soup very delicately spiced nice and thick. It could have been a little warmer.Then I had Pitza/ lamb,tomato,parsley and special herbs again."Do I taste cinnamon"? No the chef shook his head. Finally I guess he could see I was smitten he said it was a special lemon spice mixture.Well in any event it was mouth watering good. Nice thin crust and just the right amount of spice.I also had a turkish beer. That was ok. Excellent little restaurant.2 glasses of house white, and a turkish beer along with everything else cost $34.00.