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Aug 8, 1999 11:44 AM

great paella?

  • k

i'm in search of a place that has really good paella.
i've had only few decent ones in n.y.

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  1. k
    keith koenigsberg

    I too would love to hear people's up-to-date

    The best Paella I've had is, oddly enough, at La Paella
    on 9th st between 3rd ave and 2nd ave...they put lots
    of good fresh ingredients in the thing, and broil it so
    the whole surface is gently my mind this
    is the preferred way to serve it, not in one steaming,
    covered pot as the majority seem to do...the tapas are
    great there, too.

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    1. re: keith koenigsberg
      Rachel Perlow

      I can't tell from your address description, which

      I happen to love Meson Madrid in Palisades Park, NJ (5
      min from GW)

      1. re: Rachel Perlow

        9th streeet in manhattan, between 3rd and 2nd

        my one and only complaint about this restaurant is
        (the one and only time i ordered it) the sangria was
        like red sugar-water

        1. re: keith

          Try Solera, 53rd & 3rd in Manhattan. It is a bit pricey, being midtown, but this place is my all-time favorite for tapas, and the paella is no slouch. i always take a miss on the main dining room and eat at the bar. Great staff, sangria, and food.