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Aug 1, 1999 12:27 AM

Looking for the Best Duck in New York (moved from What's My Craving?)

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I was recently turned on to duck and have been looking
for a *really good* duck dish. Preferably crispy &
boneless. I was about to go to Chinatown, but I
wouldn't even know where to begin. . .

Any recommendations?

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  1. j
    John Knoesel

    Peking Duck is one way of enjoying the bird.
    My fav is duck confit.
    After I leave this post I hope there will be many
    suggestions on this dish.
    The one place I have it practically every time I go is
    Cafe Des Artistes. Bring bucks, but if you have never
    been, this place is a NY institution.
    Great roast duck can usually be had at Zum Stamtisch in
    Glendale, Queens and on Long Island At John Duck, in
    Regards, JK

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    1. re: John Knoesel

      All these places sound great. Any specific places in
      Chinatown y'all can suggest? Thanks.

      1. re: jo

        Peking Duck House on Mott Street has phenomenal peking
        duck (go figure). But beware, the place is a dump.

        1. re: Alex

          Duck in chinatown is certainly, fun but duck is such a classy dish when you're in a nicer place. i suggest the duck confit dish such as the one in les halles bistro (the one in the financial district if you live downtown; around 17 john street) since confit means "cooked in its own fat", it's probably more fatty than roasted duck, but they give you two small thighs on top of some light frison (salad). great with a glass of white wine.

          1. re: sue

            Why do people always believe just because Roast Duck is served in Chinatown, rather than at a French Restaurant, that its no longer classy? Chinatown has a lot of classy restaurants (perhaps not certain people's view of Euro-centric class) that are NOT on Mott, but on Bowery.

            I won't get into that topic... anyways, one of the best crispy ducks are actually the Cantonese version (not the Peking). Most of the fat is rendered into the meat, so when oil is poured over the duck to fry it, the fat melts right into the flesh... delicious!

            A great place to get are all in Flushings Queens... would you be willing to go there?


        2. re: jo

          Big Wong on Mott - while the premises are questionable, the food is fantastic. Especially the roasted meats (roast duck, pork, what have you).

          But if you want another, less fatty option, try finding squab. I unfortunately don't know of any places that make a good squab in NY, but in SF, a Vietnamese place called Bodega Bistro (hah) prepares it so lovingly and masterfully I find myself wanting to go back just for the dish.

      2. Union Square Cafe has consistently fabulous duck.

        1. someone recently left a post about peking duck. you
          may want to do a search and see what was said there.

          1. I recently sampled an excellent duck appetizer at The
            Place on west west West Fourth Street. It was a thigh
            (?) roasted with perfectly crisp skin, no fat, set
            over soba noodles with scallions and other delectables
            tossed in. If you visit The Place also try the hanger
            steak with maytag blue cheese, mmm...

            1. Henry's End in Brooklyn Heights serves up a few fine
              renditions of duck, sauced with a choice of tangy
              fruit sauces - ask them to go easy on the sauce and
              you should be very pleased.