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Jul 25, 1999 05:53 PM

Il Supremo Gelato

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The best gelato I have ever had unfortunately cannot
be bought in NYC. A few years ago when I was in Sicily
I visited the Vucciria, the famous open air market
that is a lot like the souks in Arab countries. Just
outside the Vucciria is a wonderful gelato stand,
where people line up for cones and cups, and for the
distinctively Sicilian brioscia (like a brioche but
not exactly), which the people at the gelateria slice
open and slather with gelato. Heaven! By the way, do
not believe that Toscano Giuliano Bugialli when he
makes the ridiculous claim that people in Sicily do
not eat ice cream cones. They do. Any gelateria there
sells it "in cono," if you like.

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  1. Giorgio;

    Would you like us to discuss the best gelato we've
    eaten in Italy or some attempt at quality gelato in New

    Many attempts at quality gelato have been made here but
    for me, all they do, no matter how good they are, is
    remind me of how much better off I'd be if I were
    eating the same thing in Italy.

    The best gelato I ever ate? In Tuscany? In Rome?
    Torino? I just get so excited that I loose my ability
    to judge. Or maybe I remember the great flavors, but I
    forget how to spell the names of the places?

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    1. re: Brian Yarvin

      For those headed to Italy, I was there in May and
      highly recommend Vivoli in Florence and San Crespino in
      Rome (near the Trevi Fountain). Note, though I often
      avoid well-known and/or touristy places, these places
      are NOT unknown, out of the way places -- they are both
      recommended by Time-Out -- but they are excellent.

    2. I has this in Salerno, in southern Italy, as well.
      Truly unbelievable! Like fresh, soft portuguese sweet
      bread with gelato between the halves. There's nothing
      like it here.