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Jul 21, 1999 12:14 PM


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Would like the name of a good Lebanese restaurant?

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  1. Al Dewan on 30th Ave. in Astoria (two blocks west of the N train stop) isn't what it was in its glory days but is still a good place to have a quiet dinner in surroundings that seem much more luxurious than the price tag would warrant. Nabil, the owner, is a very nice guy (and service improves, of course, when he's on the premises).

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      Robert Sietsema

      With a less formal setting, Alsalam is a Lebanese lunch counter with a particularly excellent shwarma (they put a garlicky yogurt sauce on the sandwich and cornichons, of all things, maybe reflecting the French influence on Lebanon) and lots of good breads in the zatar vein. 7206 Fifth Avenue, Bay Ridge, Bklyn, 718-921-7010

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        Please has anyone got a spice recipe for Lebanese Zatar.Please e-mail if you can. Steve.Thanks.