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Jul 18, 1999 07:43 PM

bananas foster

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A discussion with boyfriend on the subject of Emeril
led to the topic of bananas foster, which he has never
before tasted. He asks: where can this dessert be
tastefully procured in NYC or is it best made at home?

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    Josh Mittleman

    I don't know where you can buy it, but it's really easy
    to make:

    Slice some ripe bananas medium-thick. Melt a lot of
    butter, and add a lot of cinnamon and brown sugar.
    When you have a nice, gooey syrup, add the bananas and
    sauteed until they get soft without falling apart, and
    the sauce starts to carmelize on the fruit.

    Meanwhile, heat a couple tablespoons of rum (or other
    spirits) gently over a very low flame. When the
    bananas are just about ready, remove the banana pan
    from the heat and turn away from the stove. Add the
    liquor. Return to the stove, put the pan back over the
    flame. Tip it slightly while pulling it toward you, so
    that the far edge of the pan comes close to the flames
    at the far edge of your burner. The liquor will
    ignite. Let it burn for a half minute or so, then
    extinguish it by covering the pan.

    Serve immediately over vanilla ice cream, or in a
    pastry shell, or both.

    When the liquor ignites, it's pretty spectacular. You
    can make the show even nicer by sprinkling a dusting of
    cinnamon into the flames. The grains will ignite and

    Needless to say, you want to do this stuff carefully.
    Pre-heating the liquor drives off some of the alcohol
    and so reduces the amount of flame you get.

    I don't recommend doing this in a non-stick pan.

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    1. re: Josh Mittleman

      Good recipe. If you'd rather someone else do the
      work, try Cooking With Jazz in Whitestone NY. The
      bread pudding's not half bad either.

      1. re: Josh Mittleman
        Rachel Perlow

        I think you forgot the Banana Liquor from the classic

        Also, the TVFN show "The Best Of..." recently had
        featured desserts, and demonstrated Brennon's Banana
        Foster, so the recipe should be on the website, hold
        on, I'll check...

        For some reason the recipe wasn't there, but it did
        have the schedule. The dessert show is to re-air
        Sunday, August 29 at 10:30 PM. Set your VCR!