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Jul 16, 1999 01:32 PM

Opinions on Chelsea Market's The Lobster Place?

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I just moved to Chelsea and I was psyched about the
shops in the Chelsea Market at 16th and 9th (esp. the
AWESOME Thai place) but several times now I have gone
into The Lobster Place and found it a little
unsanitary. I've had their lobsters, but I've been
squeamish about buying other seafood there. Has
anyone had good or bad experiences with buying fish

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  1. Another place to be wary of is the Italian market, as
    many of the items stating "da consumarsi entro..." [to
    be eaten by...] are often 2 years old. Yuck. But they
    still carry good Umbrian olive oil.

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    1. re: Allan Evans

      When I lived in Chelsea, I had no problems with The
      Lobster Place. Between me and my s.o. (there are a lot
      of fishs I don't eat but she does) we've had many of
      the fishs and the shrimp, but no shellfish and no

      1. re: Trip
        Rachel Perlow

        I'm sorry to quibble, but shrimp is shellfish

      2. re: Allan Evans

        The Lobster Place has been my primary fish source
        for the last couple of years, and while I entirely
        understand your wariness, I can report no bad
        experiences. The fish I've had--while not always
        superlatively fresh--has been consistently decent,
        and sometimes excellent.

        On the other hand, I second Allan re: Buon Italia--
        I've stopped buying their buffalo mozzerella, which
        has been distinctly past its prime on more than
        one occasion. Yuck, indeed.

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        Benjamin Schmerler

        While others may have mentioned this, try the lobster roll, it's fantastic and a great deal. In addition, while you're in the Chelsea Market, go to Amy's for her twists, prosciutto bread and cheddar sandwich with cilantro and chipotles. Make sure they melt it.