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Jul 5, 1999 11:06 PM

Pancakes in NJ

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If you like really good pancakes and a really nice
family to serve you those great pancakes try Uncle
Lou's in Wildwood NJ - exit 6 off of the parkway.
They are on Atlantic Ave. between Maple and Pine. You
won't regret it. Oh and they have other good food,
but their pancakes are the greatest.

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  1. For terrific pancakes, and generally fabulous
    breakfasts overall, try The Stack in N. Arlington. A
    great cup of coffee, too.

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    1. re: cb

      sounds great, cb, thanks for posting. where exactly is The Stack, though? Also, is it really GREAT diner stuff, worth a serious side trip, or just pretty-good-for-local?

      I mean, do you mean "TERRIFIC!!!" or just "terrific..."?


      1. re: JIM LEFF

        If you want the best pancakes in NJ, you have to
        travel up Rt. 23 to Stockholm.

        A quaint place called "Good Food Cafe", home
        of "Handmade" food.