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Jul 3, 1999 11:31 AM

Ciao Bella / Sarabeth's synergy

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Has anyone tried any of the new ice cream
flavors jointly created by Ciao Bella and
Sarabeth's? Flavors like pistachio with
brownie chunks and peanut butter with
preserves swirled in and something with
rhubarb.... What do you think?

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    Dave Feldman

    First I've heard of this collaboration, Chimera?
    Where can you find the ice cream?

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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      There was a Times write-up on it a couple weeks
      back.... I don't remember all of the places the
      ice cream is being sold. I know you can buy it
      by the pint at the Sarabeth's store in the Chelsea
      Market (9th Ave. and 16th St.). But you can get
      individual servings elsewhere (maybe at the Ciao
      Bella on the Lower East Side?).

      1. re: chimera

        Where is that again? I thought it was on Elizabeth
        between Houston and Prince, but I have not been able to
        find it on that block or nearby. Unless my head's
        playing tricks on me...

        1. re: Jeremy

          The kiosk is at 285 Mott and the cafe is on
          E. 92nd off Madison. I'm not certain that
          either/both carry the new Sarabeth's flavors

          1. re: chimera

            The Ciao Bella window on Mott seems to have very few of the proprietary flavors, although the presence of the most intense green tea ice cream I've ever tasted more than makes up for it.

            I thought I saw the ice cream at the Sarabeth's branchlet in Chelsea Market, btw; if I'm wrong, you can always console yourself with a cold glass of Ronnybrook coffee milk, the single most delicious fluid in Manhattan.

            1. re: j gold

              Stopped at the Mott St. kiosk on Sunday and there
              were only two Sarabeth's flavors available. Tried
              the vanilla-marmalade-dark chocolate chip. I've
              never been a marmalade fan, but this was to die.