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Jun 28, 1999 07:48 PM

kaffir lime leaves

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Does anyone know where i can pick up some fresh leaves
in ny/nj area? (preferably in Queens or central Jersey)

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    Tida S. Beattie

    It's not in Queens but you can find them at the Bangkok Grocery in Manhattan's Chinatown. The store is on Mosco Street, down from the egg-cake lady. Have you tried buying any from Thai restaurants in your area? Many times, you can buy some ingredients from the Thai restaurants or they may give you their own recommendations.

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    1. re: Tida S. Beattie

      They're also available at the Thai-Indonesian Grocery
      on Bayard St. between Mott and Mulberry. Price shop
      them. I think they may be cheaper than Bangkok Grocery
      (but I like that store's desserts).

      1. re: Michael

        I recently noticed that Kalyustan on Lex nr 28th,
        carries, in its freezer compartment, kaffir lime
        leaves, as well as galangal (laos), "rhizome" and
        tumeric root. In the refrigerator case, fresh curry
        leaves and candlenuts (kemiri).

        1. re: jen kalb

          For those unfamiliar, a little warning about
          candlenuts. Do NOT use them raw -- they are rather
          toxic. They are ground and mixed into curry pastes,
          and become harmless when cooked.