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Jun 28, 1999 06:12 AM

Bubble Tea

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Does anyone know who manufactures the ingredients
for bubble tea? In particular, I am looking for the
tea mixtures and tapioca pearls. Furthermore, can
anyone tell me the way you make the different kinds of
bubble tea. If anyone knows who manufactures the
ingredients could you leave me (if possible) a website
address or email address??



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  1. Not sure about manufacturers, but I read in the Times
    recently about a place that serves many varieties of
    "frothy teas" made with pearl tapioca. It's Saint's
    Alp Teahouse, 51 Mott St. in Chinatown...They may be
    able to help you in your search...

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    1. re: kele

      bubble tea is indeed alive and well in nyc, but it
      hasn't taken off hereabouts as much as it did last
      summer in san francisco, where just about everybody i
      met thought it was a good substitute for a latte. i lov
      e saints alp on mott, but they won't exactly tell you
      all you need to know about it. basically, it's fine
      quality, loose, strong black tea, beautifully steeped
      and poured over a mixture of ice cubes and large pearl
      tapioca. the flavor of your choice is then added,(it's
      great with just a little evaporated milk, too) for
      example: almond milk, coconut milk, or a fruit pulp,
      and the tapioca pearls are sucked up from the bottom
      through a wide straw. you can experiment with smaller
      pearl tapioca, available in chinatown, (i will soon) if
      the chewiness of the big pearls gets in the way of your
      enjoyment of the tea.

      1. re: mariabennett

        bubble tea hit new york way before marian burros popularized it in the times. it could be found first at the original sweet n' tart cafe on mott, years before saint's alp (which is still quite good). according to employees of both sweet/tart and kam man food on canal, the tapioca pearls require several days of soaking and stirring and pressing before they can be used in the tea and one is better off merely purchasing the beverages at the teahouses. i, too, am obsessed with the drink and the fat, neon straws.