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Jun 27, 1999 05:32 PM


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Now I must go on record to indicate not being a "candyfile" by any stretch of anyone's imagination !
I tend to believe however that in most of us, along with racial memory, some primal pleasure references from childhood exist and reoccur randomly in adulthood.
Mine is GOLITZ (brand) CHICKEN CORN that arrived in a large blue and yellow box with a cellophane window that was marketed in most of the major supermarkets in NYC.
It was manufactured by the GOLITZ Candy Co. in Chicago
No current candy corn even approaches its purity of flavor, so i'm not seeking alternitives.
I dont even know if it still exists, but if it does and you know where it can be purchased in the downstate area, your advice will be most appreciated.

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    I must say that seeking referral for finding these these thumbnail size yellow, orange and white triangles may appear at first glance excessive, but consider the overall cost, including airfare and lodging to search around the base of oak trees in Provance' with a pig to discover the elusive black truffle !

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    1. re: T.

      Dear T.,

      Sadly, I have no info on where to find your candy
      (chicken) corn, but an posting merely to say that the
      Chowhound message board seems to me to be a place
      where one need NEVER apologize for obsessiveness in
      tracking a food item or for trying to validate a food

      Keep on scratchin'!

      P.S. Ideal Candy on the lower east side might be worth
      a call...