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Jun 25, 1999 05:56 AM

maple butter

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Where can I purchase maple butter here in NYC? Have
tried Zabars, Fairway and the Amish Market.

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  1. Do you mean maple syrup mixed with butter (you can just
    whip together something like 2/3 butter, 1/3 syrup), or
    something more exotic?

    1. Maple butter is an intermediate product between the
      very liquid syrup and solid maple sugar, sort of a
      thick creamy maple spread.

      The maple products vendor(s) at the Union Sq. Farmer's
      market (and sometimes Grand Army Plaza and other
      markets) may sell it, but Im not sure. The vendor does
      have multi grades of syrup and kinds of maple sugar
      lumps (ginger, walnut etc)

      There was also a store in Carroll Gardens at Henry and
      Sacket which sold maple and other vermont products,
      including maple butter, but I am not sure its there

      Good luck!

      1. f
        Frank Language

        There are several maple vendors at Union Square, and
        they all carry maple butter. The one I go to (which
        also carries fiddleheads in season) is called
        Deep Mountain; they're based in Vermont (arguably the
        finest maple syrup with the strictest quality
        standards) and they offer the maple butter in a few
        different sizes, as well as several flavors of maple
        candy: blueberry and ginger, to name two.

        I know that Deep Mountain is definitely there on
        Saturdays, and may be there Fridays as well.