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Jun 24, 1999 06:24 PM

Dinner before the theater!

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I'll be on vacation in NYC on in July and I'm staying
at the Marriott on Boradway does anyone know of any
cozy good restaurants in that area (I know theres
lots) but I'm looking for something special and good
and not too expensive.

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  1. Staying at the Marriot? Why leave the hotel?!? With all the fine restaurants in the building--one even has a splendid view of Times Square!--you are set, brother!

    Although there is this secret little place right down the street--only locals know about it--called Tad's Steaks. Boy, will your tastebuds be in heaven!!!

    1. j
      Jake Klisivitch

      Although Tad's is a find, your best bet at finding
      other restaurants is to try a search (from the main
      page) -- try entering "Times Square" or "Theater
      District" in to the search. Your question has been
      asked many times before......