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Jun 18, 1999 11:44 AM

soft shell crabs...

  • j

I have a craving for soft shell crabs. Any yummy
experiences in Chinatown? Any suggestions? Anywhere
else would be okay too. Thanks.

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  1. Check the "Where's the Best" board Jo, soft-shelled
    crabs were covered a couple of weeks back. You can
    also try doing a search whenever you are looking for
    something specific.

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    1. re: Governor

      Great soft shell crabs at the Crab Shanty in Larchmont
      and Mt. Parness Diner in Hartsdale, served Francese or
      Marsala. Delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. re: Susan Nolan

        I may not make many friends with this post, BUT:

        My all time fave is at....Smith & Wollensky's. They serve you as many as you like (1 to 3, PA), and they are lightly sauteed, with a wedge of lemon. They are fresh and the perfect starter to a steak dinner. I must admit, I like their crabs more than their meat, although the cajun filet mignon is quite nice too. I tend to go for Wollenshy's Grill, the side area. Don't sit near the bar, tho - too much smoke.