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Jun 17, 1999 11:46 AM

croissants & tempura: not at the same time

  • j

Like the subject says, I'm looking to satisfy two
cravings, croissants and tempura, although not at the
same time.

The tempura should be light and virtually greaseless.
The croissant should be flaky, appropriately buttery,
and NON-filled. C'mon, help me out!

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  1. k
    Kathryn Callaghan

    I had a wonderful almond filled croissant at a
    bakery called "Say it with flour" (360 E. 55th). I'm
    not sure if they make them plain.

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    1. re: Kathryn Callaghan

      La Marsailles bakery on Skillman Ave. around 51st St.,
      in Sunnyside, makes excellent plain and almond-filled

      1. re: Jeremy

        Hey, how'd you do that? Change the subject line, I mean?

        1. re: steve d.

          shhhh, it's a secret!

          No, actually it's just a bug --- pay no attention to
          that man behind the curtain!

          Bob (the fly catcher)

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            As Bob said, it's a bug this time...but subject-changing capability and lots more cool stuff are actually coming soon. Bob and I are working hard!

            Look out for Starship Mellencamp!


            1. re: Jim Leff

              ``Look out for Starship Mellencamp!''

              So that the rest of us can nod knowingly and say that we prefer Chowhound's early, funny stuff.


              Or is this the move from ``Eat the Beetles'' to ``Rubber Sole?'' The ``Sgt. Poivre'' and ``Let It Be Foie Gras'' days can't be long in coming.

              1. re: j gold

                What, you don't like the Beurre Blanc Album?

                Did you know that if you play the end of "Happiness Is a Warm Stove" backwards, you can hear Paul saying "Turn up the heat, chef man"? And of course in that cover photo he's the *only one without a chef's hat*...

                1. re: steve d.

                  Actually, they kind of lost me after Magical Mystery Meat.

      2. re: Kathryn Callaghan

        Try City Bakery for croissant.

      3. Ceci-Cela on Spring between Lafayette and Mulberry makes
        a pretty decent croissant, good baguettes daily and also
        very good cakes.

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        1. re: jb
          Josh Mittleman

          Thanks for the pointer to Ceci Cela. I've been
          searching for ages (see way down the Craving board) for
          a real baguette in NYC, and now I've found it. Nice
          croissants and cafe au lait, too.

          1. re: Josh Mittleman

            Don't forget the controversial (at least on these boards) Patisserie Claude, whose nonpariel croissants I've been living on since I discovered them. If you want to quibble, there's usually too much chocolate in the chocolatines--something few people would bother to kvetch about--but the rest of his croissants are near perfect, crisp, flaky, tender and practically oozing butter. Plus, Claude bakes them throughout the day, so there's always something warm from the oven.

            Did I mention that I like this place?

        2. Jennifer, a number of people (me too) like the
          croissants at Patisserie Claude in the Village. But,
          as previous postings indicate, some people find M.
          Claude a bit much.