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Jun 15, 1999 02:56 PM

French cuisine in Brooklyn?

  • j

I know this is a long shot . . . but does anyone know
of good French dining in Brooklyn? My wife and I like
French cuisine, but we don't like Manhattan prices.

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  1. There's La Boulliabaise on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn
    Heights - very popular. And there's a place called
    Bistro 36 on Joralemon St., in the same neighborhood.

    1. Try Patois in Carroll Garden (255 Smith St., between
      DeGraw & Douglas Streets - take the F train to Carroll
      Street stop). It is a GREAT French bistro; wonderful
      food, great atmosphere, a nice (and not terribly
      marked-up) wine list. There's a tented area in the
      back that you can relax in while waiting for a table;
      you can start on the wine back there if you want.
      Can't say enough good stuff about this place.

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      1. re: Seth Ditchik
        Trip Kirkpatrick

        Patois has many supporters and detractors. Besides the
        cultural tourists who bug me (I live around the corner
        from the restau), others have had bad experiences
        there. Do a search on this site for the word before
        going so you know what the issues are. And that's
        enough about that old conflama.

      2. I've been asked to mention that a restaurant called Le
        ZaZou 8303 3rd Ave 491-6618 will open thursday july 15,
        and will serve French food.

        Obviously, I've not tried it myself, this is not a
        personal endorsement, etc etc