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chicken soong/shreddred chicken wrapped in lettuce

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I'm looking for a place in Manhattan that serves a
good chicken soong. (I don't know if that's the real
name of the dish.)

Maybe describing the dish would help? It's diced, stir-
fried chicken that also has water chestnuts & other
diced items in it...Chinese sausage for example. (I've
read about it made with squab too, though I'm looking
for the chicken version.) You spoon some of it out and
wrap it in lettuce leaves with hoisin sauce. It's sort
of like a Chinese chicken taco using lettuce instead
of tortilla.

I've read about a couple of places (Chin Chin, Canton,
Chiam), but haven't tried any yet. Any suggestions?

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  1. Have you tried Dish of Salt? It's in the theater district, w44th street...very good