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I've heard that the Second Ave. Deli has some of the best chocolate babka in the city, but I'm on a babka kick and I'm looking for other great babka. Any thoughts?

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  1. j
    Josh Mittleman

    The best babka I've had is from a little bakery next
    door to Russ & Daughter's on Houston St. near 1st Ave.

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    1. re: Josh Mittleman
      Frank Language

      Well, guess what...that bakery is called Moishe's. I
      asked the woman behind the counter if it was related to
      the 2nd Avenue Moishe's, and she said it was one and
      the same. I also mentioned the Grand Street Moishe's,
      which had closed for a while, and she said they're open

      So I split a chocolate babka with the other customer in
      there at the time, and I must say it's a winner. Of
      course their rugelah and hammantashen are also worth
      the trip.

      1. re: Frank Language
        Josh Mittleman

        Oh, yes; I'd forgotten about their hammentaschen. The
        best I've ever had other than homemade.

    2. There's a stand at the Union Square Greenmarket on
      Wednesdays that sells a couple of kinds of babka,
      including chocolate. They're pretty excessive
      (enormous, pie-sized things) but also really fresh and
      tasty and not expensive.

      1. I've tasted the babka in all the aforementioned places
        and would only add one more to the list: Moishe's
        Bakery on Second Avenue between 7th and 8th streets
        (or 6th and 7th streets--I can't remember exactly).
        For me, Second Avenue Deli's babka still rules.

        1. In Roslyn, on Willis Ave about a mile south of the
          expressway, a bakery called The Bakery has excellent
          chocolate babka; great corn bread too, but I don't
          love the rest of their stuff.

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          1. re: Alan Divack
            eleanor cicinsky

            What about regular babka - cheese, plain or raisin? Who has the best in Manhattan or Brooklyn. I am looking for something authentically Polish.

          2. I'm a purist when it comes to babka (I like plain or
            plain) but I would check out Royale Bakery on 72nd
            between Bway and West End, if you're in the
            neighborhood. They excel at this sort of baked good:
            Russian Coffee Cake to die for, ditto sticky buns and
            a flat (maybe 1" high) sort of coffee cake they used
            to do with a caramell-y chopped nut topping. Superb
            ruggelah also. Delicate and small, as they should be,
            not swollen to the size of a muffin as they are in so
            many places. (where the muffins themselves are
            swollen to the size of softballs, of course.) Also
            miniature danish in apricot, prune and poppy. Good

            1. I had a very nice (if expensive) babka today, at Cafe
              Eat on Madison and 81st.