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Jun 8, 1999 10:50 AM


  • k

I've heard that the Second Ave. Deli has some of the best chocolate babka in the city, but I'm on a babka kick and I'm looking for other great babka. Any thoughts?

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  1. j
    Josh Mittleman

    The best babka I've had is from a little bakery next
    door to Russ & Daughter's on Houston St. near 1st Ave.

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    1. re: Josh Mittleman
      Frank Language

      Well, guess what...that bakery is called Moishe's. I
      asked the woman behind the counter if it was related to
      the 2nd Avenue Moishe's, and she said it was one and
      the same. I also mentioned the Grand Street Moishe's,
      which had closed for a while, and she said they're open

      So I split a chocolate babka with the other customer in
      there at the time, and I must say it's a winner. Of
      course their rugelah and hammantashen are also worth
      the trip.

      1. re: Frank Language
        Josh Mittleman

        Oh, yes; I'd forgotten about their hammentaschen. The
        best I've ever had other than homemade.

    2. There's a stand at the Union Square Greenmarket on
      Wednesdays that sells a couple of kinds of babka,
      including chocolate. They're pretty excessive
      (enormous, pie-sized things) but also really fresh and
      tasty and not expensive.

      1. I've tasted the babka in all the aforementioned places
        and would only add one more to the list: Moishe's
        Bakery on Second Avenue between 7th and 8th streets
        (or 6th and 7th streets--I can't remember exactly).
        For me, Second Avenue Deli's babka still rules.

        1. In Roslyn, on Willis Ave about a mile south of the
          expressway, a bakery called The Bakery has excellent
          chocolate babka; great corn bread too, but I don't
          love the rest of their stuff.

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          1. re: Alan Divack
            eleanor cicinsky

            What about regular babka - cheese, plain or raisin? Who has the best in Manhattan or Brooklyn. I am looking for something authentically Polish.

          2. I'm a purist when it comes to babka (I like plain or
            plain) but I would check out Royale Bakery on 72nd
            between Bway and West End, if you're in the
            neighborhood. They excel at this sort of baked good:
            Russian Coffee Cake to die for, ditto sticky buns and
            a flat (maybe 1" high) sort of coffee cake they used
            to do with a caramell-y chopped nut topping. Superb
            ruggelah also. Delicate and small, as they should be,
            not swollen to the size of a muffin as they are in so
            many places. (where the muffins themselves are
            swollen to the size of softballs, of course.) Also
            miniature danish in apricot, prune and poppy. Good