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Jun 3, 1999 08:32 PM

Ekmek Kadaif

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I'd love to find authentic ekmek kadaif (Turkish bread
pudding/pastry) in Manhattan or Queens. I've eaten it
in Istanbul, and the only place I'd ever found it here
was in a now-defunct restaurant on West 55th St. called
Topkapi. I've tried making it at home, but I can never
recreate the true dense consistency of the thing. Some
Greek places have it on their menu, but it always turns
out to be plain Greek kadaif (not ekmek) with some
whipped cream on it. Not my cup of tea...
Anybody have any suggestions?

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  1. I'm so glad you asked. Ekmek kadaif was my favorite dessert at an Armenian restuarant called Ararat which I think changed its name to Dardanelles when it moved from the E. 30's to 1st ave and high 50's. Sad to say it is also now defunct and I hope that someone knows of another source. I am already imagining the pleasure of tasting it again.

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    1. re: beth

      "Kazan" on Queen Boulevard near 63rd Rd. is a great
      Turkish restaurant. I once called them in advance to
      request "asure" and they made it. It may be possible to
      reserve the ekmek kadaif.

      1. re: Allan Evans

        Thanks June, Beth and Allan. Good suggestions all.
        Beth, I loved Ararat, too :-) I hadn't thought of that
        place in years.

    2. you may want to check with "Deniz" a turkish
      restaurant on E. 57 t. in NYC. I seem to remember them
      having that dessert.