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Jun 2, 1999 05:24 PM


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Does anyone know where I can buy great beef jerky in Manhattan?

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  1. Do you know of a Deli that retails Vienna beef
    products? If so, I highly recommend their Beef sticks,
    (Smokie-like in appearance). They are chewy, beefy,
    necessarily greasy and altogether sastisfying; no
    artifcial "smoke' flavor.

    1. Check out Gary Cheong recommendation. I'm a big fan of
      jerky too and this place in chinatown is great. Search
      for his post, if you can't find it the place is:

      New Foo Kee 95-A Elizabeth St. (bet. Hester & Grand)

      The only problem I have is trying not to finish it
      before I get home. Be aware this is not dried out
      jerky and it can become a very expensive addiction!

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        I tried the jerky place on Elizabeth and you're right--it is utterly addictive and delicious. I was also clued in about another place in Chinatown making the same style of jerky. It is located at 68 East Broadway. I think the jerky there is even better although very similar and harder to get to. Thank you so much for the advice.

      2. i don't know where to go in manhattan, but if you're ever in maple city, michigan (near traverse city) go to gabe's supermarket. they make their own and it's dreamy. they were once approached by eagle brand snacks to help them create their own jerky line, but the venture never gelled. suffice to say that eagle brand snacks went out of business and gabe's is still a force to be reckoned with in northern michigan.