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Jun 1, 1999 09:52 AM

soy milk

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"I know some places for Taiwanese breakfast soy milk"

Jim -- Where? Doujiang was my regular breakfast in Taiwan, and as soon as I read your comment I had an intense flashback...

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  1. Steve, head out to Flushing. It's turned very Taiwanese
    lately. Visit on a weekend morning and just go in anyplace that's crowded and not obviously Cantonese (i.e., no strolling carts). You'll
    surely find your soy milk and crullers.

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      I too have great memories, from an idyllic year spent
      in Taiwan, of hot, sweet soybean milk, crullers, and
      baked flat bread every morning. I notice the takeout
      menu of China Fun (2nd near 65th in Manhattan) says
      you can get all this and more weekends from noon to
      4. Anyone know where you could find it in Manhattan
      on weekdays, preferably, or on a weekend morning?

      1. re: Kele

        On 8th Ave in Brooklyn, there is a store that has "homemade" (instead of cow-made?) soy milk, sweetened and unsweetened, and related products - it is near Gia Lam, I think on 56th St. They also have a counter with homemade noodles (soba, chow fun, rice, etc.) and big bags of bean sprouts that go for $.50/pound. I will have to look for the name for you.

        Ever notice how you don't know the names of any of these places, only vague locations?