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Doug Pepper May 25, 1999 09:28 PM

I love herring. Mind you, it wasn't always that way.
My father, somewhat of a herring fanatic, tried
valiantly to have me eat it but I resisted as, I
guess, most squeamish kids would (herring is not
exactly kid-friendly, in smell ,taste, consistency,
you name it). And kids don't usually drink frozen
vodka shots so there's nothing to wash it down with.
But with age, and a refining palatte, I came not only
to accept it but to search for the best of it.
Needless to say, the vodka shots came naturally.
Anyway, I quite like Russ and Daughters' herring in
lemon and ginger, also their matjes, even their
herring in mustard sauce. I like going there, talking
herring, ogling the clean cases that house the stuff
and its accompaniments. I've made my own pickled
herring from a recipe in Saveur, sending away for the
raw material from Scandia Foods on the net. It went
well and gave me an appreciation for what goes into
the process of pickling it and making up a marinade
that suits it. So I ask, besides Aquavit, where the
herring is pretty superb, where else might I find
sublime examples of this fish? I'm fairly new in the
city but I'm sure I've only discovered the tip of the

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  1. s
    Steve W. RE: Doug Pepper May 26, 1999 10:54 AM

    Russ and Daughters on East Houston near Orchard has
    the best herring in cream sause I've ever had.
    Give it a try!

    Good Luck and welcome to NYC!


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    1. re: Steve W.
      steve w. RE: Steve W. May 26, 1999 10:56 AM

      Sorry, I didn't read your initial request carefully
      enough. You have already discovered the pleasures of
      Russ and Daughters!

      1. re: steve w.
        jen kalb RE: steve w. May 26, 1999 11:08 AM

        I understand that Christers has very good herring.

        1. re: jen kalb
          Josh Mittleman RE: jen kalb May 26, 1999 03:15 PM

          Yes, Christer's has great herring.

          I buy pickled herring, without any sauce, at my local
          supermarket, and make my own sauces for it: mustard,
          curry, sour cream and green peppercorn, etc.

          1. re: Josh Mittleman
            stephen kaye RE: Josh Mittleman May 27, 1999 09:40 AM

            great herring, smoked fish etc, at homarus in mt. kisco

            1. re: stephen kaye
              kate RE: stephen kaye May 27, 1999 04:27 PM

              It's pricey, but Aquavit has great herring, and a super smorgasbord plate to boot.

              1. re: kate
                Doug Pepper RE: kate May 27, 1999 05:39 PM

                They have an appetizer of herring three or four or
                even five ways--I can't recall exact number--and it's
                fabulous but, yes, pricey. For a few extra dollars
                they will accompany it with an aquavit and a Carlsberg.

                1. re: Doug Pepper
                  Schvantzie RE: Doug Pepper Sep 14, 2010 07:49 AM

                  probably the best beer in the world.

    2. r
      Renee RE: Doug Pepper May 26, 1999 10:22 PM

      Take a trip to Rockland County, Wesley Hills, New York
      (spring Valley).Route 306. Bubba's bagels.. You will
      get The Real Thing, anyway you like it. You can take
      it out, or eat it there, it is not a fancy place by
      any means. You will get the true flavor in more ways
      than one.

      1. b
        Barb H. RE: Doug Pepper May 27, 1999 02:10 PM

        I was once told by what I consider to be a reliable
        source that the Oyster Bar in Grand Central has a
        special kind of herring imported from Holland that is
        only available for 3 weeks in the spring. He said it
        was *incredible*. It might be worth giving them a

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        1. re: Barb H.
          Doug Pepper RE: Barb H. May 27, 1999 05:36 PM

          I, too, have heard about this event at Grand Central.
          I was just there, waiting at the front for someone to
          show up and there was a crudely drawn poster
          advertising the event. On it was a Norwegian woman, in
          traditional fashion, lowering a whole herring into her
          mouth. Thanks for the tip. I'll call up and see what's

        2. m
          mariabennett RE: Doug Pepper May 27, 1999 11:13 PM

          dear doug, i can only offer my humble two cents on the
          herring issue, after such great postings (one reason
          why chowhound is so wonderful). i went to a new place,
          ulrika's, on 60th st. last week, and though herring is
          not always my #1 choice on a given menu, i tried the
          plate of tiny samples of herring dressed different ways
          and was mighty impressed. there's also a choice of 3
          aquavits in small glasses, too, and they go perfectly
          with the tangy, creamy fish. they're pretty nice there,
          too, so ask questions.

          1. r
            Rachel Perlow RE: Doug Pepper Aug 27, 1999 09:17 AM

            After reading all the other followups I feel there
            must be something wrong with me for loving Tabachnicks
            (going to the store in Millburn, NJ, haven't tried and
            don't even know if they bottle it, but they probably
            do) herring with or without cream sauce.

            As for the comment about kids not liking it, I think I
            liked it better when I was little than I do now. At
            least I had it more frequently, especially at the
            after services kiddush on Saturday morning!

            1. b
              Bob RE: Doug Pepper Mar 8, 2002 05:48 PM

              Looking for a recipe for preparing Matjes style herring using fresh caught Atlantic herring.

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