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May 25, 1999 11:08 AM

Craving a great hotel bar in Manhattan

  • j

I'm looking for a great hotel bar, with alot of
atmosphere and great martinis to take some out-of-
towners. Preferably one with some historical ambience.

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  1. j
    Jennifer Stott

    The St.Regis bar is beautiful, featuring a witty Maxfield Parish mural. The martinis are great, but you really need one after negotiating with the rude staff for a table. The garden bar at the top of the Peninsula is spectacular on a nice night, with views up Fifth Avenue to Central Park.

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    1. re: Jennifer Stott
      Michele Fuchs

      I would highly recommend the Old King Cole bar at the
      St. Regis. It is my favorite place, as far as bars
      go. However, in order to ensure your ease in getting
      a table, reserve in advance. Yes, they reserve tables
      in the bar and they have great bar food. Not wings and
      the like, but a nice menu. On any given day you may
      see Billy Joel, Judy Collins, writers, etc.

      Another great place is the bar/ rest. 57/57 at the
      Four Seasons Hotel. Also very crowded but hip.

      And...Asia de Cuba in the Morgan Hotel on Madison and
      37th. VERY hip, greaqt menu (apps and entrees).

      1. re: Michele Fuchs

        I am also a fan of the Four Seasons. For another hip-
        cool ambience, try the lobby-bar at the Royalton.
        Great poseur-watching.

        1. re: Heidi

          "Great poseur-watching"

          I was in almost in a band once called "Strike a Poseur"

            1. re: Heidi

              I like the piano bar at the Carlyle hotel,Bemelens.
              They have those wonderful murals that have been
              The Sherry Netherlands is has old world beauty, just
              outside the cocktail lounge is my favorite spot to
              The Plaza has several bars, the Oak Bar is one, very
              pretty overlooking the park. My favorite is The Palm
              Court, light and airy, I am not sure if they still
              have violin music, very romantic. Lots of history at
              the Plaza, I had my wedding there 40 years ago, that
              must make some kind of historic note!

              1. re: Renee
                Frank Language

                "I like the piano bar at the Carlyle hotel,Bemelens.
                They have those wonderful murals that have been

                Those, of course, are by Ludwig Bemelmans, creator of
                the Madeline books. Worth a trip just to peek in.

                1. re: Frank Language
                  Michele Fuchs

                  I also LOVE Bemelman's Bar. It is always a treat. It
                  is also pricey but not near that of the Peninsula
                  Hotel rooftop bar. It is outrageous, even by NY

                  1. re: Michele Fuchs

                    And Bemelmans Bar has those fabulous fresh potato
                    chips-I've actually had them a few times when they've
                    still been warm-YUM!

                    1. re: Martha Gehan
                      Michele Fuchs

                      Definitely terrific, VERY fattening and they also give
                      you mixed nuts, the premium kind WITH cashews!

                      1. re: Michele Fuchs

                        Tonight, we decided to go back to the wonderful
                        Carlyle lounge for some champagne. we have not been
                        there for about two years. Our beloved Peter was
                        still tickleing the ivories. When we came into the
                        room, Peter, with out hesitation, played," You stepped
                        out of a dream." Peter is REALLY good.

                      2. re: Martha Gehan
                        Sleepy LaBeef

                        Bemelmens Bar is A-Number 1 the best hotel bar in the
                        city especially when Peter Mintun's playing piano. He
                        plays songs my parents don't even remember. "He plays
                        songs nobody remembers," as my mom put it. But, he is
                        so cool! Think of that bar from "The Shining." Think
                        Galiano Stingers...chilled.

                        1. re: Sleepy LaBeef

                          You are so right about Peter and his repertoire, it is
                          one evening, my husband requested,"You stepped out of
                          a dream," it was a song that Tony Martin did so many
                          years ago. Well, we finally stumped Peter, he swore
                          he would learn the song. When we returned to
                          Bemelen's several months later, Peter must have seen
                          us enter the room and there was the melody, it was
                          like a movie entrance. Now, whenever we arrive, we
                          can be sure that Peter will have this greeting for us.

        2. re: Jennifer Stott

          I agree that the bar atop the Peninsula is spectacular
          but be warned that the prices are also. The first
          time I was there, I knew it wasn't going to be cheap
          but was still shocked into stuttering incoherence when
          I was told that my Heineken was worth $11.34.

        3. If it's history and ambiance you crave, may I add the
          Algonquin? It reeks. Of history, that is.

          And I second the Oak Bar at the Plaza, guaranteed to
          make you feel like an adult, or as someone over 21
          resembling an adult.

          1. k
            Katherine de Vos

            WOW, there are more NYers with taste than I realized.
            BEMELMAN'S, 57,57, and the KING COLE BAR are
            all fantastic...but what about the petit, sophisticated
            bar at THE MARK?