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May 24, 1999 06:04 PM

soybeans with bean curd and red-in-snow

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A kiosk in the WTC concourse used to sell this dish of
crunch green soybeans cooked with slivers of hard bean
curd and the red-in-snow vegetable, along with other
"mandarin" specialties. I was addicted, but the kiosk
has diappeared. Dear chowhounds, do any of you know
(1) a chinatown restaurant that offers this dish, or
(2) how to make it? I tried with canned green soybeans
and red-in-snow, but it was inedible. Thanks!

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  1. Jen--
    If you don't mind a stripped-down version, most Japanese restaurants and bars serve edamame, which is salted boiled soybeans. A great bar snack. I love 'em especially at Saka Gura, with sake

    ...but you probably knew that...

    1. the dish you're describing sounds familiar but i think
      it a dish from shanghai. i had a good dish of it at
      this restaurant called new green bo on bayard st. just
      off mott on the east side. the rice cake dishes there
      are also done well. enjoy.

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      1. re: k.chu

        thanks for inspiring me to look again! I did not spot
        this item in a quick look at the New Green Bo menu
        (which, by the way, was crowded at 3pm on Friday), so
        walked on and just by luck found it at a brand new
        place on Doyers, Shanghai Village. Bean curd skin
        here, not the thin-sliced dry bean curd. The green
        soy beans were delicious, tho perhaps not as crunchy
        as those I'd had at the WTC kiosk.

        Strangely, this restaurant is in the same spot as a
        simple tea-in-a-glass place we went to often more than
        10 yrs ago for rice cake, dumplings and pan fried
        noodle. Shanghai Village offers some shanghai style
        dim sum and more ambitious dishes, generally than its
        predecessor. However, the fried rice cakes, taken home
        and eaten 2 hrs later, were not exciting.

        Maybe we will check out New Green Bo next time.
        Thanks again!