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May 21, 1999 08:42 PM

Steak Tartare

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Does anyone know places in the
NYC/Westchester/Fairfield area that still serve Steak
Tartare? Georges Rey used to make a great one, but
alas it is no longer; the last place I had it was Cafe
Centro in the Met Life building, and I'd love to learn
of other options.

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  1. Elisa, I hate to be a party pooper, but do you really
    want to eat steak tartare? With all the risk of E-
    Coli infection do to the bacteria ground up into the
    meat, I do not succumb to tempatation. I too LOVED
    that flavorful steak tartare, but alas, it is no
    longer to pass the portals of my taste buds.

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    1. re: Renee

      Blue Ribbon serves the best Steak Tartare I have found
      in New York.

      I had a particularly bad Steak Tartare recently at
      Angelo & Maxie's. As seems to be the fashion these
      days in New York restaurants, the chef is apparently
      of the opinion that raw garlic adds that certain sense
      of worldly sophistication to every dish -- whether it
      is called for or not -- and added a huge amount of it
      which overpowered all else. Truely lousy!

      1. re: Rob

        I also heard about the one at Blue Ribbon, this I am going to try soon.

        They serve it for dinner only at Balthazar's last time I checked.

        The first time I had this it was so memorable and so delicious, at my friend's house in Paris... they served it with quality potato chips and I think it's the best combination! Cool, seasoned meat with crunch! I'm going to smuggle potato chips into the restaurant the next time I order this.

    2. If you still crave steak tartare, I just read that
      they have it on the menu at Blackbird on east 49th.

      1. Two great places for steak tartare:

        Les Halles

        Note I haven't had the 21 steak tartare since 1995 or so -- I believe the kitchen has changed since then.

        Someone mentioned Blackbird on E. 49th -- that place went out of business a month or two ago.