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May 19, 1999 06:42 AM

best trendy, fushion or lo fat restaurants in NY

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Hello everybody,
I am from Holland and, together with some business
friends, I will pay a visit to New York soon. My
question to all of you is "What are the most trendy,
fushion or lo fat restaurants in town?" Prices are not
important, I'd just like to know where we should go.
Thanks a lot and greetings from Holland!

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  1. m
    Michele Fuchs

    There are many trendy restaurants that serve both lo-
    fat and "regular" fat dinners, however, there are a
    few noteworthy health minded menus:

    57/57-(57th and Mad) in the Four Seasons Hotel is very
    chic and wonderful healthy food. I.M. Pei designed
    the place and the chef, Susan (?) (can't remember her
    last name) is known for her inventive, low-fat and
    delicious food. I love their food and the service,
    not to mention the hip bar scene right across the
    entrance way.

    Nobu-(Hudson & Franklin Sts)Wonderful, VERY hip
    sushi/nouvelle japanese. I would try to make a
    reservation NOW! Must try! If you can in!

    Heartbeat- (49th and lex) In the new W Hotel. Heart
    healthy dining. Also very chic/hip. MAJOR bar scene.

    All of the above will get you beautiful people,
    beautiful food and high prices.


    1. What do you think, guys, should I send 'em to Sammy's Roumanian?

      ; )

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      1. re: Jim Leff
        Frank Language

        Jimm Leff wrote: "What do you think, guys, should I
        send 'em to Sammy's Roumanian?"

        Either that or Tad's Steaks.

        1. re: Frank Language
          Jake Klisivitch

          Also, Wendy's has pretty good salads. That's low-fat,
          and for my money, darn trendy.

      2. sheesh, guys and welcome to NYC humor, Joost. You
        might want to consider looking into Union Pacific,
        Jojo, Nobu or Tabla for fusion cuisine.

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        1. re: jen kalb

          welcome to new york sarcasm.

          i'm with jen except for jojo, where i ate last night
          for the second time and for the second time was
          disappointed. union pacific, tabla and nobu - you
          can't go wrong (unless you only order sushi at nobu).

          1. re: wonki

            Thanks, Wonki - its been several years since I've been
            to JoJos so maybe it has finally been sapped of energy
            by J-G's many other enterprises.

            1. re: wonki

              Why were you disappointed by Jo Jo? What do you
              recommend besides Sushi at Nobu?