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May 18, 1999 11:46 AM

Arena/Stadium Eats

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With all the playoff sports being played right now
(hockey, of course, and that other game...), I keep
thinking back to the wonderful hot dogs at the old
Forum in Montreal. Almost more famous than the
Canadiens, the hot dogs consisted of a steamed frank
and a bun that had been pressed and toasted in a
special contraption, and then slathered with mustard.
A dream. And at Madison Square Garden, surprisingly,
the chicken fingers (served with really spicy honey
mustard) are really really good...

Most arena/stadium food is crap, but there are gems
out there... Does anyone know of any others?

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  1. near shea stadium, and the, is leo's latticini, in corona, a dynamite italian deli. for yankee stadium, arthur ave. is a fave

    1. r
      Rachel Perlow

      Went to a Braves game while visiting my brother in
      Atlanta, and there is an amazing variety of food at
      the stadium. If I remember correctly they even had

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      1. re: Rachel Perlow
        Mark Sinclair

        Candlestick Park (I mean, 3Com park) in San Francisco
        has really tasty garlic pretzels. They are pretty
        unique for stadium food.

        Has anybody ever tried Boog's barbecue at Camden Yards?
        I wanted to get some when I went to a game down there,
        but the people sitting near us who went were gone for
        more than 3 innings. I wonder if the 'cue is good
        enough to sacrifice watching the game.

        1. re: Mark Sinclair

          I like Boog's - I had some at Camden Yards about a week
          ago. The stand next to Boog's also sells barbecue
          (which I guess is not barbecue in the classic barbecue
          pit sense, but hey), and their pulled pork sandwich is
          pretty good. The pork sandwich at Boog's is better -
          nice crusty smoky edges on the pork, and it's not
          bathed in sauce - you can add sauce or spicy mustard or
          onions or horseradish. I also enjoy the Italian
          sausages at Camden Yards (I seem to recall the old
          Memorial Stadium having kielbasa). That park has my
          favorite ballpark food. And go Orioles.