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May 17, 1999 07:21 PM

Japanese Steakhouse

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I'm looking for a good Japanese Steakhouse,
(please don't say Benihana is my only choice) hopefully
near JFK. My friend and I are trying to plan a dinner
for a pre-wedding party in mid June and we want a place
where we can have fun with good food. We live out of
state so we are at a serious disadvantage when it comes
to knowing the area. If I have a name and address, I
can go from there. Any help that you can offer would be
most appreciated. Thanks alot.

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  1. Seryna (11 E 53rd) is a great restaurant. They serve
    Kobe beef cooked on hot rocks! Serene place.
    Expensive, though.

    1. r
      Rachel Perlow

      I know you didn't want Benihana, but I've found the
      one in Great Neck to be superior to any other
      Benihana, especially the one in Short Hills, NJ, which
      I loathe!