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May 15, 1999 07:37 PM

jim - where are the great westbury pupusas?

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jim or whoever is in the know,
please tell me the name(s) and general location(s) of
the pupuseria(s) in westbury that you referred to in an
earlier post. is westbury still worth the trek? my
sister lives in ny and is dying to try them based on my
descriptives. please please answer as she needs an
excuse to get out of manhattan. thanks, diane

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  1. the pupusas on Post Road in Westbury (which is half pizza shop and half Salvadoran restaurant...I THINK it's Usuluteco 186 Post ave) are good, but you needn't go that far from Manhattan. Go to Margarita's in Williamsburgh. Their pupusas aren't exceptional, but they're pretty reliably in the pocket. Good cabbage, too.
    It's on grand near roebling, and also try the frijoles frito, horchata (a rice drink with lots of cinammon) and one of every tamale they've got that day