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May 11, 1999 07:51 PM

Unmissable Food in NY?

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I love food like the rest of you guys but do not have
too much money. Am visiting NY next month for a week.
Wonder if anybody can give me a list (preferably with
the street number) of food that I must not miss in New
York for under $ 20 a person. I love all kinds of
Asian, Italian and spicy food.

Thank you



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  1. Toru, Welcome to NYC!

    NYC has lots of good cheap ethnic places, too many to
    start recounting here. I think you will need to use
    the Chowhound search engine.

    Good luck!

    Steve W.

    1. Afghan Kebab House.
      Great tandoori chicken, lamb kebabs, and the like.
      This place is a gem for great,affordable chowhounding!
      It is also BYO which makes it an econonical wonder!!
      9th Ave. between 52-51st streets.
      Have the half, spiced tandoori bird, Regards, JK