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May 3, 1999 05:41 PM

it's my birthday...

  • j

Tomorrow is my birthday 5/4 and I am thinking about
going to Gramercy Tavern for their cheese plate. Do I
need to make a reservation? How pricey is it? I know
I am running a little late here. Anyone? Any
information? Thank-you!

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  1. One more question. How's the bar area for dinner?
    What is the price range for that. We are working with
    a grad school budget here...oh what a drag.

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    1. re: jo
      Jake Klisivitch

      The reason you haven't been flooded with replies is
      that Grammercy has been discussed ad infinitum on the
      boards already. Go to the home page and try a search.
      All of your questions will be answered...

      1. re: Jake Klisivitch

        hey, Jo, Happy Birthday! you may or may not be able to
        realize your fantasy birthday. If you can't get your
        questions answered in a call to GT and reservations
        aren't needed, why not simply stop by and check the
        menu. If it looks too rich, there are lots of less-
        pricy places in the Gramercy/Union Sq. area which have
        been mentioned on these boards in recent weeks.

        PS Tho I haven't gone, O Padeiro has fado music on
        tuesday night - they have two sittings, 7:30 and 9 and
        you must book.

        Have a good time!

    2. Jo, eating in the bar area at Gramercy Tavern is fun;
      it's certainly very pretty, as is the rest of the
      restaurant. I stopped by there last winter without a
      reservation and got in easily, but I went late, around
      11 p.m. Pricewise, I believe a light dinner with
      drinks came to around $60 or so for 2 of us. Do call
      ahead, though; that way you can check out prices and
      inquire about reservations. With the nicer weather,
      that neighborhood is even more hopping than ever.
      Many happy returns of the day. ---Susan