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Jun 20, 2006 08:29 AM

Bermuda Wyndham Resort - Chamaeleons - DON'T BOTHER!

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25 of us in a local group ate dinner at this restaurant on Saturday. Service was poor and food was not up to scratch for the money. Every 15 minutes there was an alarmingly loud bang from the kitchen which must have been a huge door slamming shut. I mean REALLY loud, like a gun shot. I asked that this be rectified. It was not. Although the dinner had been booked weeks before with vegetarian optionS (I put s in caps to emphasis) available on the night, the waiter informed me on enquiring that "All we got is pasta with veg for vegetarians" - this was served luke warm and very greasy. The chicken soup was fairly nice but did not taste at all like chicken. The fruit plate my companions were served was inedible and left almost untouched. It was $65 each for this farce. Do not bother going to this restaurant.

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  1. As somebody who lives in Bermuda, I am curious where you *would* recommend going. There are a lot of recommendations on this board, but locals often have a better sense of whether food is good in general somewhere is my impression.

    We're staying in Southampton at the Fairmont, so trying to base most of our dinners around there. Our lunch locations are based on some of the other places we intend to visit during the day.

    Current thoughts:

    Waterlot Inn @ Fairmont
    Coconuts @ the Reefs Hotel
    Bacci (@ golf course at Fairmont) for more casual meal

    Tea @ Fairmont Princess
    Tea @ Mrs. Tea's
    Lunch @ Swizzle Inn (or at least drinks)
    Lunch @ Paradiso Cafe

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      I just read some of the posts again and realized that a bunch are from a local -- v. helpful!