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Jun 20, 2006 05:44 AM

sketch gallery in London

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Has anyone eaten at this restaurant? It seems to be controversial, and I would be interested in getting any feedback.

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  1. I wanted to hate it! They were totally inflexible on reservations (I tried to delay 30 mins and asked 2 weeks ahead). The servers couldn't speak English (not quite true, one did - but that person misdescribed the food). Menus were thrown (yes literally - they skidded) across the table.
    We ordered from each of the 3 sections (appetizer, 'middle'(which can be small or large portion) and main) and specifically said to serve in sequence. They brought the appetizer and middle together (we sent back the middles and they were re-prepared). Tables are even closer than cheek to jowl - you share almost everything with your neighbours.
    But the food was amazing!!!! Inventive, tasty, perfectly cooked. I so wanted to blast them, but the food won me over. Nevertheless, the tip was as small as I ever give. And the projection show was fun and not too obtrusive.

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      Funny, I had exactly the same experience a few months back. Everything about the place was irritating ... except the food.

      Too bad they don't do delivery :)

    2. I loved it there.

      Reasonable pricing, great room and I found the staff to be enthusiastic and sweet.