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Jun 19, 2006 11:01 PM

Paris in July query re: rest, reservations

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My husband and I will be in Paris the week of 13-21 of July. Years ago, we recall walking into restaurants without reservations but it seems like even bistros need them now. My questions are: do I phone now for reservations for places such as Pre Catalan? If so, my French is limited, so how will my English request be received? Any suggestions?

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  1. When you should reserve depends on the type of restaurant and how important is that particular restaurant to you. For Pre Catalan, probably now. For a bistro, probably a few days before. Most Parisans speak some English so that will not a problem. To be polite, just say "Bonjour, parlez-vous Anglais?" before speaking English. There was a good earlier post on this subject. See link below.


    1. Le Pre Catalon has a website.
      You can make a rez off of it, then they will call you to confirm in English.

      1. you will find many Parisian restaurants have web sites. I also have successfully emailed my hotel and asked them to reserve which they graciously did and confirmed back to me by email.