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Jun 19, 2006 12:20 AM

Venice restaurants

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Any particular recommendations for Venice? Has anyone eaten at Trattoria Al Vagon lately? It was recommended to me for its zuppe de pesce, but the individual online reviews have been inconsistent. Thanks.

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    1. Da Ivo near the Rialto. Was there last month. Expensive but well worth it, but you must book.

      1. we had a particularly nice meal at Anice Stellato on our last visit to Venice.

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          I second Anice Stellato - modern updates on Venetian dishes - the lamb rolled in green pistachios, amazing. And the prices are reasonable.

        2. Two of our favorites in Venice are Osteria Giorgione (calle de Proverbi, Canneregio, tel 041-5221752) and Vini da Gigio (Fondamenta San Felice, near Ca D'Oro in Canneregio, tel 041-5285140). Both are fairly simple, small and unpretentious with very good food.

          You can also get great picnic stuff at Casa del Parmigiano near the Rialto Market (little piazza to the left after you come over the bridge) and the little produce stand in the same piazza (I bought from a bunch of stands on two extended visits and that one was the best).

          In Castello on the far side of Piazza San Marco is Da Remigio which I really liked a couple years ago and which my cousins loved last summer. Tel 041-5230089. Great people-watching. Corte Sconto nearby has been recommended often on this board -- mostly shellfish.

          Across in Dorsoduro, right behind the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, is Ai Gondolieri, unusual in Venice for specialising in meat. We have always eaten well there over many years, during which time the place has gotten a bit more formal and pretentious but not so much so that it was a turn-off.

          The Rough Guide map is the best for Venice, not least because it shows the location of so many restaurants.

          Also, if you have not done a Control F search on this board, it's worth doing -- tons of good Venice posts.

          Please report back after your trip -- we all depend on these reports when planning future trips.

          1. Antiche Carampane was the best fresh, unadulterated seafood meal I've had in a long time. We were there in May, 2006.