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Jun 17, 2006 03:16 PM

Italy Lake District

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I'll be staying near Lake Maggiore for a week. Can anyone recommend not to be missed places to eat? I will have a car.


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  1. If you are going to Como, there is a very small family run restaurant Ristorante Rino.
    We have been going there at least twice a trip for years.
    They specialize in porcini, truffles, and any wild mushroom available.
    Last month we ate a whole grilled fresh porcini mushroom as an appetizer.
    The centre was the texture of marrow.
    Unbelievable delicious.
    The risotto, or pasta with black truffles is delicious, and the slivers of truffle almost entirely cover the dish.
    Very generous portions.
    The surprise is the price.
    They are very reasonable for what they serve.
    If you are going to Milan, my DH and I both agreed that the best meal we had eaten in the past year was Craco-Peck in Milan.
    We had seen a negative review, and almost didn't go, but our meal was perfect.
    The innovative cooking was well balanced,, no froth dishes (thank God), and each dish had an unusual but great tasting twist.
    I guess I gushed so much over the meal that I was invited into the kitchen to meet Chef Craco.

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      Cracco not Craco. Great wines, too. Great staff and service.

    2. Whereabouts? That's a big lake....

      1. Are you staying on the Italian side or Swiss side?

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          Italian side - I'm around the SW area of Lake Maggiore.

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            I'm afraid I can't help you then - if it were the Swiss side, I would be full of ideas. Sorry!

        2. We're staying on the SW area of Lake Maggiore - however we plan to do walking tours and any lake is a possibility. If there are great restaurants we'll probably plan our itinary around that. We probably won't go into Milan.

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            We stayed a week in Meina, just up from Arona which was full of great places on the waterfront. Try Hostaria Al Vecchio Portico in the Piazza del Popolo, we had a lovely meal there. Stresa was a little more touristy.

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              We stayed here our last night before flying out of Malpensa. It's a small 12 room hotel with a beautiful terrace resto overlooking a lake. We had a four hour long meal - the chef's tasting menu - that my in laws still talk about. I think I ended up just handing them all the Euros I had left.

              20 minutes drive from the airport in the morning after an equally grand brekkie.

              Link: http://malpensa-airport-hotels.charme...

          2. Would you consider driving to the southwestern coast of Lake Garda for wonderful food?