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Jun 17, 2006 01:57 PM

Need Restaurant Near Salerno on the Water

  • j

Please help me out here, Chowhounds. I'll be going down to the Amalfi Coast from Rome for just 1 day in early October. I don't have time to putz around looking for a place for an afternoon or early evening meal. I know what I want to eat: simply prepared pasta with pristinely fresh seafood (or even just some plain lemon linguine if it's exquisite) while sitting underneath an umbrella on a terrace with a drop dead gorgeous view of the coast. And I'd prefer the place to be either in or close to Salerno. I'm catching the last Eurostar back to Rome out of Salerno at 8:20 and I'm worried about getting to the station on time. I'm not driving. I'm shuttling around on the SITA buses. Thanks for any advice. ;-)

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