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Jun 17, 2006 09:06 AM

Bangkok birthdaY

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Hi, My best friend and I are in Bangkok and tomorrow night, Sunday night, is her birthday. We are looking for a French, Thai Fusion, exotic, Japanese, restaurant with great ambience and terrific food. We are looking to spend about $50-60 per person and it would include drinks and dinner. Any suggestions?



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  1. Since you are talking to-morrow, and have not had any responses, I am answering.
    I can't help you with your choices as we eat Thai or seafood.
    If you want an unusual evening you could try the Bed Supper Club.
    There are great River dinner cruises, and the Penninsula cruise was recommended to us.
    Our worst meal Baan Khanitha
    Our best meal Somboom, but it not fancy, and looks like a multi level cafeteria, the seafood is divine.

    1. The Thai restaurant in the Oriental is beautiful and unusual - there is entertainment, wonderful Thai dancing every evening - I think at about 8:30.
      We also ate in the seafood restaurant there, which is stunning and delicious.