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Jun 15, 2006 07:42 PM

Montecatini (near Modena), Assisi and Manarola (Cinqueterre)

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Friends are spending 2 weeks at these 3 towns, so are there any interesting food suggestions from you Italiophiles?
Many thanks for the usual quality input.

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  1. hello, if it's a 5-7 day stay in cinqueterre, a park/rail(world heritage site/nat.park, not auto, as they're not allowed in most of it) pass makes use of the trails and trains connecting the towns easy, and the eating options numerous. A search of this site using either cinqueterre(might be spelled with two words) or the names of the big villages should get a number of posts. Wonderful area, enjoy

    1. If they are anywhere near Modena lunch at Hosteria Giusti is a must. See my post linked below. It was a highlight of a wonderful trip.


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        Is osteria giusti still in business? Last time I was in Modena they told me that the owner had passed away...

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          We had lunch there in September 2005. It looked to be run by Mamma and her (two or three) adult children. One of the great dining experiences of all time.

      2. my favorite restaurant in modena or around is Osteria di Rubbiara, at the link below you'll find a nice review. be careful with the host though, he can be nasty, especially if you use cell phones while you are eating.

        1. We were just in Cinque Terre last month and stayed in Manarola. Marina Piccola near the water in Manarola is very good. Get the pasta marina piccola - black pasta with a spicy tomato sauce. It was amazing. We also had a great meal in Corniglia at Cantina de Mananan. Very small place, you'll definitely need a reservation. For breakfast, go to a bakery called Il Pirate - (or something like that, definitely Pirate related) in Vernazza. It is away from the water from the train station by a couple of blocks. (It is worth taking the train from Manarola to Vernazza for the breakfast, it is really so good). Non-food: I'd definitely hike the paths other than the main one -- which is nice but crowded.

          1. Moneglia is a small town near Cinque Terre with a shocking lack of American tourists. There are tourists, but I think they are actually Italian. Anyway, great town with some nice restaurants. One up on the hill is especially so, with a fixed menu. Really enjoyed staying there as opposed to the other towns. Will try to rustle up some names to go with my dim memory.

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              Finally found some notes and snapshots from my trip, we stayed at a place called Hotel Eva La Romantica in Moneglia. Not so romantic but nicely situated with clean rooms and windows looking out to the sea. The town precedes Cinque Terre if you are coming from Portofino. We ate at Ristorante Le Palme and enjoyed some delicious seafood. It was actually so good, we left another restaurant mid meal to return to this one. Very simple, they are nice people and it was very relaxing. Exactly what we were looking for. Again, the fish and shellfish were great, especially the large prawns, and it's nice to sit outside and enjoy a little grappa at the end of your meal.
              In the same town there is a restaurant on the side of the hill that you can walk to. I mentioned before, it was pre-fix and very good, do not know the name, but I'd ask around.
              Cinque Terre is very crowded and full of tourists, I found this town a refreshing change, with all of the beauty of a sea side town and very warm locals. Good luck and please, post if you go!