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Jun 15, 2006 05:14 AM

White porcelain dinnerware store in Paris 14th, help

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to come up with the name of a store I visited in Paris, roughly across the street from the Mouton Duvernet metro stop in the 14th. It looked like it could be part of a chain, nothing very elegant, but it had a big selection of white porcelain dinnerware at reasonable prices. The store's sign and decor may have been blue and white (?) and I am trying to get the name of it. Does anyone know about this place? Thanks much.

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  1. Have you thought of using the french yellow pagaes to virtually walk/drive through the 14th until you find it?



    1. I don't have an address in the 14th, but you can't go wrong with:
      Maison de la Porcelaine
      21 rue de Paradis
      75010 Paris
      Tel 47 70 22 80

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        Bill Strzempek

        Good news and bad news: I know that place too (or think I do), it's on a corner along avenue de General LeClerc, and the upstairs windows are jam-packed with everything in white porcelain and the prices are very cheap. It's on the left hand side of the street as you walk south down the avenue, and I thought it was on the corner of rue Couedic or rue Bezout, but I can't see it when I view the street on, which possibly only means it was a different store when they took the pix for the site. I remember the building stood out as looking a little like a rundown country auction house kind of place with the dishes and stuff packed into every inch of the upstairs windows... Bad news is I don't know the name of it either, but it's definitely worth hunting for, and there is another similar thrift tableware store along the same side of avenue that is not as big but has much nicer and cheaper stuff than you can find in the States.

        However, a second thought: now that I've viewed pagesjaunes, I see that exactly opposite metro Mouton Duvernet is a branch store of GENEVIEVE LETHU at 25, avenue du General Leclerc -- they had their white porcelain series "Trait Blanc" in windows all over Paris and France over the last year so maybe that's what you refer to (I actually bought some of that white porcelain), but their stuff doesn't come cheap, but it might be considered "reasonable" if there wasn't such a Euro/Dollar misalignment. They have a wonderful website where you can download their seasonal catalogues and look at all the stuff you could delight in if you had unlimited funds and cabinet space. A further note, if you are looking for them to ship something to you, save the phone call, they won't do it, I've tried several times at several branches. You have to carry the stuff back in your carry-on.


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          Mystery solved. Thank you Bill and the other posters, you gave me the clues I needed to find the place on Google.
          It's called MP Samie, at 45 Avenue General Leclerc (Bill, thanks for posting the name of the street). I've tried to attach a link to an article that mentions it, but don't know if it will work. Who would have thought I'd have an answer within the day? Thanks so much.


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            Bill Strzempek

            yeS! That's the placE!

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            You are right about a year ago GENEVIEV LETHU stuff was not cheap du to the Euro/Dollar conversion. Lucky us down under, the Dollar is now in a much better position.
            Also the store just openned in Woollhara. We can now view and shop online all gorgeous things.


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            Greg In Chicago


            You might enjoy visiting the company's website. It's I believe, and it's available in both French and English. Adrien Leeds mentioned this manufacturer a couple of years ago on her website, and recommended it. They have 3 outlet stores in France, and at the factory, their dinnerware is sold by kilo, price is determined by weighing each purchase, although maybe they don't do that in Paris.

            Ms. Leeds said that a nice service for 8 people is roughly 100 Euros, and it's good quality stuff.

            If you think of it, tell us about your experience when you return home. Best wishes for a safe trip.

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              the link is broken- do you know of a working one>