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Jun 15, 2006 02:22 AM

1 Day only in Rome!! please help!!

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hey chowhounders,

I will be in Rome for 1 Day in July. If i only have 1 lunch (maybe 1 snack in the afternoon snack), where should i go??

Thanks for the help.


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  1. If you are near by and get the chance you really should try the gelato at San Crispino near the trevi fountain. It is entirely different than the other gelaterias in Rome, or anywhere in Italy for that matter. When we were there in 2002 a beautiful woman singing opera in high Soprano scooped intensely flavored honey and pear gelato from shiny sliver canisters which gleemed in the dazzling white store. The gelato was divine as was the day.

    San Crispino
    Via Panetteria,42, near the Trevi Fountain
    Tel: 39-06-6793924

    1. if you just have 1 day, I would go to Sora Margherita in the ghetto. Fixed price limited memu of Roman specialties, reasonable price, delicious and good. no reservations required but show up early if you can (lunch only) also good house wines, cheerful bustling young/mixed crowd good value.
      Be sure to try the lamb - fantastic and the fried artichokes.

      If you want something a bit more formal (but not at all formal) Armando al Pantheon is also very reasonable, typical and delicious.

      1. Thanks for your recommendations!!