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Jun 14, 2006 11:24 AM

A very good restaurant in Paris we went to

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On our last night in Paris last week, we had reservations for Le Grand Colbert but due to a train strike, and no taxis available we asked our hotel to cancel our reservation. They recommended Au Jardin, at 15 Rue Git le Coeur off Rue St. Andre des Arts in St. Germain de Pres. From Place St. Michel, go down Rue St. Andre des Arts and take the first right. This tiny restaurant is on the right. Its adorable inside and the food was wonderful. We also had a beautiful charming waitress. 78euros for the two of us with 2 glasses of wine.

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  1. what did you have?

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      I had a braised lamb shank in the most delicious sauce with mashed potatoes that had something in them that make them wonderful. Dessert was a beautiful white bowl filled with the sweetest strawberries and Bing cherries in a lightly sweet mint sauce.

      Husband had calves liver in a wonderful sauce that hinted of raspberries (he loves calves liver and I never make it) and profiteroles filled with vanilla ice cream dribbled with chocolate sauce and a sauce boat on the side with more sauce.

      The appetizer was hard to discern, something with a Greek name that was wonderful and husband had duck livers in a peach sauce.

    2. Grand Colbert is awesome, I hope you'll get a chance to go back. Found it by accident actually when our cabbie took us to the wrong place and went back later in the week. Apparently, there is more than one 'Colbert...' restaurant in the city.