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Jun 14, 2006 10:57 AM

Nassau Bahama Restaurants

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We are going to Sandals RB in Nassau on the 25th for 6 nights. I am searching for some local restaurants for lunch or dinner that a foodie would enjoy. Thanks!

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  1. Buena Vista - Nassau, fine dining for over fifty years.
    Located in an old Bahamian mansion
    Note: Closed Sundays, does not serve lunch. Tel: 242-322-2811

    Cafe Matisse - Nassau
    Tel: (242) 356-7012 Fax: (242) 356-7014

    I have been to both of these restaurants many times and think of them as the top of Nassau restaurants.
    Cafe Matisse is great for lunch. They have one of the most beautiful patios (courtyards) you have ever seen. Their location is in the middle of town close to the straw market.

    Graycliff - is located in a historic mansion built in 1742 by a pirate later to become a prison, it is now a five star restaurant that boasts a cellar holding over 200,000 bottles of vintage wine.

    I have been to Graycliff several times and even though it is very good I find it hugely overpriced. The ambiance is amazing, so for a special evening and if you don't mind running your credit card up to the limit, go for it.

    You are going to be on Cable beach. There are some nice restaurants at Sandy Port which is also in the west end of the Island. Ask the people at the desk for some recommendations and about a way to get there. Maybe Sandals runs a shuttle because Sandy Port has a vast shopping area and is closer to Cable Beach then to Nassau.

    There is Johnny Canoe (Cable Beach} at the Casino. Fun spot for a bite to eat and a few drinks. But the food there won't be anything better the Sandal's' so you might want to skip that.

    I have been to every restaurant on the island over the years and the problem with the Bahamas is that a lot of those places change hands so frequently that you really don't know what you get until you try it.

    One other place I love is the Poop Deck on Bay Street east. It's located east of the old bridge to Paradise Island. The only things I eat there are Conch Chowder, Conch Salad And Grouper Fingers, washed down with a ice cold draught. The restaurant overlooks the harbor and is all open so you can enjoy the breeze. They are on the second floor above the Nassau Dive Shop.

    Enjoy your stay.

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      Poop Deck is a great suggestion. I typically dock at Yacht Haven, hose the salt off the boat and spend the rest of the day at the Poop Deck eating conch, drinking beer and checking out the local big-shots wheeling and dealing. Quite a scene!

      Graycliff is a worthwhile destination. Great food and service. Well worth the hassle of slipping on a jacket and strapping on a tie.

      Traveller's Rest (follow the road west from Cable Beach) is a friendly, down-home place to eat and drink.

      You might want to spend a little time at Potter's Cay sampling the fish, conch, etc. at the stalls. It's located near the base of the Paradise (Hog) Island Bridge.

      1. re: fatboy44

        Has anyone been to Compass Point lately. I was there some time ago and quite enjoyed the Martini's at sunset

      2. This truly puzzles me. Graycliff is an absolute joke, a disgrace. Slovenly, inattentive service, and food that went out of style decades ago. One of our party had a piece of filet that he needed a chainsaw to cut. We had to ask four times for everything, and when what we got was either cold or congealed from sitting under heat lamps. With only one bottle of wine (which was mediocre) and one cocktail each, dinner for 5 was over $700. After dinner they pass around a plate with cookies. From a tin. The absolute insolence of this over-rated tourist trap is staggering.

        Never been to Buena Vista, but if you want excellent food and wonderful service in a beautiful room, go to Jean-Georges' Cafe Martinique. About the same price as Graycliff, but it's a professional restaurant.

        Graycliff is an abomination.

        1. I know you have been and gone, but I thought I'd add to the post anyways with my two cents for future hounders. I agree with SAC29 - nix the Graycliff - NO ONE who lives here goes there. Over in the Mariner Village on Paradise Island, there are a number of new restaurants now that are expensive, but of much better quality than Paradise Island previously enjoyed - Cafe Martinique being one, Carmine's being the other. Within the Atlantis resort, "Nobu" has opened up recently, but I haven't been there yet. It is expensive, but probably pretty good.
          Good luck!

          1. Oh ,hi again - Matisse is a definite must - in the garden, but not in August - they're closed every year for the month. Also, Villagio out at Caves Village is wonderful.

            1. We tried dinner at Capriccio on W Bay St, Nassau, Bahamas. The number is 242-327-8547. It was quite nice. We shared a greek salad and the fruit of the sea and we enjoyed it for $30, tip included. It's a nice one mile walk from the Cable Beach hotels.