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Jun 14, 2006 09:47 AM

Italy-"heaven on earth" -looking for foods to die for!

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Getting ready to head to Italy for 2 weeks in July with the rest of America! I'm looking for menu items to order for those memorable experiences. Love good value and cheap to moderate priced restaurants. I'll be visiting:

Cinque Terre

I'm going with a friend who flips over gelato, so any reccommendations for gelaterias would be appreciated!

Gratzie Amici Chowhounds!

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  1. Where's Turismo?

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      Woops--I meant Treviso- about 45 minutes north of Venice--I read it's the birthplace of Tiramisu- Thanks!

    2. I would recommend tracking down a copy of Fred Plotkin's "Italy For The Gourmet Traveler." It was published almost 10 years ago, but you will find many helpful suggestions and recommendations there for restaurants, bakeries, food shops, caffes, markets. etc. It will certainly give you a good idea of what the various food specialities are of the various regions & cities within Italy. Another popular and highly recommended guide is the "Slow Food Guide to the Osterias of Italy," which you should be able to buy at any decent-sized bookstore in Italy.

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        Also be sure to go to the homepage and do searches for each of the cities you will be visiting. You will find there have been many, many helpful posts on these places made here over the past year or two.

      2. Take a break in Rapallo to the north of Cinqueterra. Lovely town and wonderful food, close to Portofino (just for a look - no spending there!) and with easy train or boat trips to the northern towns of 5T.
        See my report of 4/24/06 below.

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          torta basilica

          If you get to Positano, as advised above, avoid it and go one town south to Priano - have spaghetti alle fruitti de mare (sp?) at Armandino's - 1st restaurant off the little dock. You'll be in heaven & it won't cost all that much. Lots written on this little gem - do a search on Chowhound.

        2. I would recommend picking up a Slow Food Guide once you hit the ground in Italy. They are very hard to find in the states, and the Italian version is not printed in English, but that adds to the excitement. We just got back from two weeks in northern Italy and ate 90% of our meals from the guide and had zero regrets.

          As for gelato in Venice, check out "gelato FANTASY". The address is Calle Dei Fabbri 929. It is artisan gelato, so you pay a little more but it is well worth it.

          We were fairly disappointed by the cuisine in Venice as most places cater to "menu turistico", however there was one osteria we were referred to by friends (not in Slow Food) called Osteria La Frasca. Can't remember where it is, but maybe someone can jump in here and help.

          Hope this helps


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            There are a lot of posts and recs on venice - here as elsewhere the slowfood picks are very good tho they do not pick up all the good places. Most of the best places are away from San Marco, as you would expect and dont offer "menu turistico". Osteria alla Frasca is just barely in Cannaregio (near castello) , and is a very nice, simple place on s tiny campo. The fish will be expensive (I recommend getting it, or the seafood app, for one person , not two if you are a couple and want to save) but very good - weve had really excellent pasta there as well. If you go at lunch, they, like some other venetian osterie, have a fixed price cheap lunch deal they offer to locals.
            Corte de la Carità 5176 , Phone: 041.5285433

          2. If you go to Lucca, the place not to miss is Osteria Bucca di San Antonio. It is a traditional restaurant with a great and extensive menu. Everything I tried was excellent and far superior to my best experience in Siena. Enjoy.