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Jun 13, 2006 09:34 PM

vegetarian restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

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I'll be going to Rio for the month of July and would like to have the names of some restaurants that have good fresh salads and interesting vegetarian entrees on the menu-mostly casual but also one or two for a more special occasion. Thanks!

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  1. Celeiro on Leblon (Rua Dias Ferreira) is a good option, great for salads or a light meal. It's open only for lunch.

    Artigiano (Ipanema) and Quadrifoglio (Jardim Botanico) (both Italians) have some vegetarian options. Both places are very good, Quadrifoglio is more expensive and trendy.

    1. I suggest New Natural in Ipanema (Rua BarĂ£o da Torre, 173) for a very casual and cheap but tasty buffet. It's not a veg. restaurant but you'll have many more options than is the norm in Rio. Here's a list that may help you too: