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Jun 13, 2006 04:32 PM

Eating meat in China

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I've heard that eating dog meat is somewhat common practice in China. Here's where I'm unsure: Are dishes clearly labeled dog, or are they labeled something else, with dog meat thrown in unbeknownst to the diner?

I hope this question is not offensive to anyone, and if what I hear is incorrect or if the practice is far less common than I've been lead to believe, please do let me know.

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  1. p
    Peter Cherches

    You will never be served dog meat unbeknownst to you. Certain countries, like Vietnam, have special dog restaurants. Any place in China that you'll eat at will clearly state what the meat is, and dog will likely not be one of the choices. You WILL see ALL sorts of animals available for food at markets, though.

    Dogs that are eaten in Asian countries are bred for food, and are wolf-like, not pet-like.


    1. I wouldn't worry about being served dog meat unknowingly. It's considered a delicacy, and commands a high price. You'be be more likely to order dog meat and have non-dog meat slipped in than vice versa.

      It's also usually served in restaurants that specialize in dog meat and loudly advertise the fact. It's quite rare in cities like Shanghai.


      1. In the city of Zhengzhou, Henan,(NOT Hunan) dog meat is not that hard to come by, but others are right, they are usually in specialized restaurants and little stands.

        In the same city, I've had donkey meat hot pot...again, the restaurant advertized itself as such.

        Also, in the larger supermarkets, there are available cooked and vaccuum packed dog meat, donkey meat, and their famous beef. I don't know how good those would taste though. Right now, I don't remember if it's clear which are which from the packaging.

        1. Also, in addition to what everyone else has said, dog is more expensive than other meats, so no sensible restaurateur would serve dog instead of, say, pork or beef. Have no fears.

          1. Wow... I guess that explains why I couldnt find any dog meat in china.