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Jun 12, 2006 06:22 PM

non-alcoholic drinks in paris

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I'm off to Paris and hope to hit a a few restaurants. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to alcohol (I go bright red and it's all very embarassing) so no wine for me. What can I order to drink other than mineral water that would go well with food. Are there any particularly French non-alcoholic drinks?

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  1. I would stick with mineral water. My non-drinking Parisian friends never order anything. Carafe d'eau is fine with them. Anything else non-alcoholic would not go with food. In a cafe with something light, they might order a citron or orange presse.

    1. There are actually three types of water you can get in a Parisian restaurant. Besides the carafe of plain tap water, there are the bottled gazeuse and non-gazeuse. I find too much of the gazeuse for a few days, and I actually start feeling ill. I guess my body is not in tune with all that gazeuse.

      1. I second the suggestion for orange or citron pressé.
        It's extremely refreshing, especially on a hot day.
        You usually get a pretty large carafe of water to go with which makes easily up to 3 glasses of liquid. Don't add too much sugar, is my advice.

        1. I think Badoit is perfect, very lightly sparkling water. Nothing quite like it in the US.

          You could also ask for some water with a touch of mint syrup (or other flavors). Some places will simply give you the bottle of syrup to mix it in yourself.