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Jun 12, 2006 05:43 PM

10 Days in Barbados...

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We're going to Barbados this summer for a wedding. We are staying in St. Lawrence Gap, but we will happily walk, bike, rent scooters or a car to get where we need to go for spectacular food in any price range...

We always love market eating, and we are staying in an apartment so we can cook a few meals. Any one have any tips or suggestions to make this a chow happy vacation?

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  1. There are SOOOOO many fabulous restaurants in Barbados! One great one is THE CLIFF. I still dream about the place! Go to, go into the a message for "LOIS' TIP SHEET ON BARBADOS" SHe apparently goes to the island 3 times a year and whenever we go to the island, I post the mssage and she will email you with all these great places to eat, see and do. Once I think of some more I will post! Have a great time!

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        Hi Delish..after asking my husband about all the other amazing restaurants in Barbados, he reminded me of THE RESTAURANT AT SOUTH SEA, which is right bt where you are staying (St. Lawrence Gap) the other restaurant was Carambola..yum yum...go to THE CRANE for lunch...the view is spectacular! There also is a really good inexpensive Greek restaurant called OPA! if you like Greek food. Also, another great place for lunch is in SANDY LANE. A little stuffy atmosphere, but worth the experience!

        I wish I was going back! Again, that Lois on (in the forums section) will email you the most informative info without a charge!)

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          Thanks so much for all your amazing info. Lois' list is downlading as I type this. My husband and I thank you and your husband profusely!!!!!

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            Anytime. I always respect others when they help me out on island information. I know you will be fascinated with "Lois'" report. I can't believe she has not publised all that information. All her restaurant choices were exactly what she describes!

            Well, again I am so delighted to hear you are happy!

            Have a great flight and a wonderful vacation!


    1. I lived in Barbados for 2 years and would love to give you various tips/suggestions if you'd like. Feel free to email me at

      Off the top of my head:
      Tides - A MUST if you love rack of lamb and lemon tart. The BEST lemon tart I've ever had

      Sitar - (Indian) The best butter chicken, I can't find an equal to it!